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Vishakha Dongre
Hi All, I am trying to find if is any mapping of Aster visualization with Govt use cases? I have seen quite a lot of pre-built Aster demos/Apps for industries like healthcare, Retail etc. Has anyone created anything for govt, specifically tax (Direct/ Indirect) dept?       Thanks Vishakha
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Aster Community Team
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Jaspaul Chahal
In Aster on Hadoop, does it need any data movement? I have set of questions as below: - Do we need to populate the Aster tables for analysis or I can directly access the Hadoop files in place? No data movement required at all? - Does Aster support all Hadoop formats thru Hive? - When we create views in Aster, will it move data on demand, while… (Show more)
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Osman Mustafa
Hi All I have a very simple question regarding using the keyword Limit:   This query: select * from myschema.mytable; works fine This query: select * from myschema.mytable Limit 20; doesn't run If I right click on the 2nd one and use the "execute the selected text" command, it works fine. If run a sample data by right clicking on the table… (Show more)
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