Using the Aster Command Tool (ACT) with Aster Express

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What is the Aster Command Tool (ACT)


The Aster Command Tool, or ACT, is a utility that allows a user to run commands against an Aster System.  With ACT you can run ANSI SQL, SQL-MR, and SQL-GR queries against databases within the Aster environment. 


ACT is a terminal-based query tool that connects with Aster Database.  ACT is installed on the queen during a typical Aster Database installation.  ACT can be installed on another machine. 



How do I use the Aster Command Tool (ACT)


1.  Start an SSH tool from your desktop, this example uses PuTTy.  Click the PuTTy icon from your desktop.  The following screen should appear:


To download and install PuTTy:  SSH/Terminal Software


2.In the Host Name (or IP address) enter the following IP address:


3.  In the Port enter:




4.Click ‘Open’


5.A terminal window should appear.  It should look like the image below:




  Now we we will log into Aster Command Tool (ACT)


9.  From the terminal window enter the following command:


act –U db_superuser –w db_superuser –d beehive


This command will log you into the beehive database as user db_superuser


Press enter on your keyboard, your screen should look like the one below



How to run a query from ACT


Type the following ANSI SQL Command into the command window:


SELECT * FROM public.namefind_configure;


Your screen should look like this:


Press Enter on your keyboard to run the command.

The query will run and provide the query results.   See below: