Skyrocketing with Teradata Aster

Blog Post created by ahsan.khan on May 6, 2015


For the beginners in business intelligence, its really rocket science. For the business managers, it is $$$, and for the general public, it is making all the data in the world make sense to them. Teradata Aster is the one distributed discovery platform integrated with the ever-expanding Teradata Universe Ecosystem.

What this means is that regardless of the new breakthrough popularity of disruptive technologies, it can all be captured and assimilated into one whole platform. You talk about business-user focussed desktop tools like Tableau, Microstrategy, SAS Visual Analytics + Enterprise Miner, KXEN, or you talk about the war of the elephants in Hadoop: Hortonworks with Open Data Platform on one side, and Cloudera and MapR on the other. You make things mess up, and do not know how to get out of that millions of millions of records. I know Oracle Exadata can look and search for records for you. But can it discover new knowledge from your bottomless data pit? Here you need the Aster to anchor.


Teradata Aster is offered as solo SQL-Map Reduce software, as a pioneer hardware appliance (88 TB Aster and 203 TB Hadoop cluster), and also as a unified data architecture suite. It is scalable to petabytes, and more if and when you get the data. So now we are not talking about Big or in-memory data analytics. We are talking about all data analytics from anywhere!


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