Share This! New Path Analysis Interface Videos

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Teradata Employee

We’ve had a lot of fun lately helping companies get rapid insights into their customers’ journeys with the Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface. But if you aren’t using the interface and haven’t seen a demo yet, you may be wondering just how easy it is to use.

For your viewing pleasure – and education – I submit two new animated gifs demoing different capabilities of the Path Analysis interface.

This first video walks through building a path analysis then shows several visualizations that are included in the interface. Those visualizations include tree, Sankey, sigma and sunburst diagrams, as well as the ever-valuable bar chart.

Building an analysis and seeing visualizations with the Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface

The second video shows how you can use the tree diagram within the Path Analysis interface to build and export a list of customers on a specific path. In this case, we are analyzing an online banking demo data set, looking at customers who passed through a bill pay enrollment form but did not complete enrollment.

Building a customer list with the Path Analysis Guided Analytics Interface

These videos are both animated gifs, so they should be relatively easy to download with a right-click and share. If you need higher resolution versions, or you’d like to see a live demo or get your hands on a demo for yourself, email me at