[Webinar Replay] Combining Text and Graph Analytics for more context in your networks

Video created by Dolletta Mitchell Administrator on Aug 9, 2017

    Adding more techniques in text analytics can better inform you of the working relationships in a network. Topic analysis, sentiment extraction and predictive analytics have helped large organizations solve complex problems using large volumes of communication data from various sources. This webinar sessions explores some examples of how customers have used these techniques to add more context to their networks.


    matt.mazzarell@thinkbiganalytics.com is a Data Scientist in the Teradata Aster Solutions team with experience implementing analytic solutions for many clients in the Fortune 1000 who seek to solve business problems using large and varied data sets. He has experience collecting customer requirements and prescribing specific analytic techniques across all industry verticals. Matt is responsible for several pre-packaged solutions including Communications Compliance, Product Recommender, and Healthcare Fraud. He is dedicated to enabling the non-technical user to perform analytics at scale that drive significant value for the business.




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    Combining Text and Graph Analytics for More Context in Your Networks featuring Matt Mazzarell