Danske Bank: Innovating in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to Detect Sophisticated Fraud

Video created by Dolletta Mitchell Administrator on Sep 28, 2017

    Progressing in their Artificial Intelligence strategy with Deep Learning, Danske Bank is using a ‘champion/challenger’ model strategy.  Results have been dramatic. 


    • 60% Reduction in False Positives -- Saving investigators significant time.  Allowing them to investigate the real cases of fraud.
    • 50% Increase Detecting True Positives after Danske Bank applied Deep Learning.


    That translate into "real money" - a real benefit. 


    danske bank using a cutting edge "champion/challenger" method; artificial intelligence; deep learning

    Putting winning results together took an eclectic (diverse) team, platform, technical & data engineers, data scientists, the business and even highly trained criminal investigators -- combined with experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning, Danske Bank is just scratching the surface with results for the business.


    What is it about Artificial Intelligence (AI) that excites us data geeks? Is it the delivery of a promise given to us decades ago? Or endless possibilities that AI can give us now?  Probably a little of both. For Danske Bank, it’s giving business outcomes that deliver exciting results and AI is inspiring everyone on the team!  


    “Hands down, this is a high point in my career!  I’m a science guy, so I love these methods and talking about some of the more complex stuff.  It’s definitely worth it;  hands down. Is it easy? No.” – Nadeem Gulzar, Head of Global AnalyticsNadeem Gulzar, Head of Global Analytics


    Congratulations to Danske Bank for all the success in this renaissance of Artificial Intelligence!



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